My Xiaomi’s MiBox 3 – Android TV device experience

What is MiBox 3?

Xiaomi’s MiBox 3 can turn your non-smart TV into an Android TV which is a lot useful and better than the smart TVs because:

  • Smart TVs cost way more than non-smart TVs.
  • SmartTV apps are limited to their own stores.
  • AndroidTV can have quicker OTA updates as the OS upgrades.
  • AndroidTV has 3rd Party APK support. Which means more customization.

Where to get Mi Box 3 – Android TV device in Pakistan?

The device is available on few local online stores, such as All My Tech (AMT) and HomeShopping. It’s also easily available on AliExpress.


On AliExpress it’s listed as low as $66.

On local online stores it’s listed for Rs.11,000.

However, one of my colleague ordered it from AliExpress for $66 (Rs.6900) & the local customs added duty of around $50 (Rs.5,200). Which makes it around $116 (Rs.12,100). Note that the $50 duty is not a fixed amount, it’s per their descresion so it can be higher or lower depending upon your luck.

I ordered it from AMT – All My Tech and costed me around Rs.9,800 due to a coupon discount.

Recommendation: Order from local online store!

  • Reason# 1: Faster — AMT delivered the same day; within couple of hours. Other stores would take 2-7 business days. AliExpress would deliver between 2-4 weeks (free shipping)
  • Reason# 2: Easier — For warranty claims in case of issues (read below)
  • Reason# 3: Cheaper — Find a good deal/coupon or wait for a sale so the price can be as low as Rs.9,500


My Experience

The setup was smooth and very easy.

Along with Netflix, I set up Kody – Krypton with Exodus and have access to all the latest movies & TV series in HD/UHD.

First Few Apps to Install

  1. Es File Explorer (or similar apps to browse through apps on external storage or transfer OTA from smartphone)
  2. Local Live TV Channels App (There are a few apps if you’re looking for local TV live streams. Install these apps using Es File Explorer)

Connect external storage devices via USB port to view offline media or transfer files/APKs.

Connect other bluetooth devices such as game controls.

Connect bluetooth headset with MiBox.


BT Remote: One of my colleague’s Mi Box BT remote suddenly stopped working. He had to get it replaced. No, it wasn’t a battery or pairing issue. Couldn’t figure out the issue. However since it was covered in warranty so remote replacement was there.

Netflix App: The Netflix app worked perfectly fine for me. However, on my colleague’s device, it would start buffering and would stuck on 25% buffering and wouldn’t play the video. He’s tried many different solutions but it didn’t work. My device worked on the same connection but his didn’t. After bit of searching and research, the issue seems to be with the Netflix app version. He went on and downloaded the Netflix app from a 3rd party android store (Apptoid) and that fixed the issue.


Xiaomi MiBox 3 Android TV