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Many of us has often thought about votes being impersonated/cast by someone else. Thus the question “What to do if my vote is impersonated/already cast?”

Earlier this week, I found an image circulating among various social media networks (majorly facebook and twitter):

What if my vote is impersonated - FurSid Blog

However, there have been few questions/confusions such as the following:

Official Word

Here’s what I was referred to from the ECP website:

If I go to a polling station and find that somebody else has impersonated and cast vote in my place, what can I do?

The matter should be brought to the notice of the Presiding Officer who after satisfying himself will issue a ballot paper called as “tendered ballot paper” in the same manner as ballot papers are issued to other electors. The tendered ballot paper shall be kept separately after it is marked by the voter. Tendered ballots are not counted.

Source: ECP FAQs – PDF (Question #37)

Further information is also available on tendered ballots in the election laws available at ECP website:

Tendered ballot papers
(1) If a person representing himself to be an elector applies for a ballot paper when another person has already represented himself to be that elector and has voted under the name of the person so applying, he shall be entitled, subject to the provisions of the section to receive a ballot paper (hereinafter referred to as “tendered ballot paper”) in the same manner as any other elector.

(2) A ballot paper issued under sub-section (l) shall, after it has been marked and folded by the elector, be placed in the same condition in separate packet bearing the label “Tendered Ballot Paper” instead of being placed in the ballot box and shall not be included in the count by the Presiding Officer or the Returning Officer.

(3) The name of the person applying for a ballot paper under sub-section (l) and his number on the electoral roll shall be entered in a list (hereinafter referred to as “the tendered votes list”) to be prepared by the Presiding Officer.

Source: ECP Election Laws – PDF (Page 153)

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