So, here I am, finally! A long pending wish. Returning to the world of blogging. And yes, it’s going to be my favorite and lovable blogging engine WordPress!

Tone and Style

Few considerations about my blog:

  • It’s a personal blog
  • I’m not a writer
  • The tone and writing style will be casual

Themes and Topics

What are the themes and topics I’m going to cover on my blog? I asked friends and have put down the following few sections that I can write about:

  • Travelogues
  • Photo Essays
  • Post Processing tips & tutorials
  • My day job: UI, UX, IA
  • My experiences and encounters with frameworks in use
  • Eateries and food
  • Music and Movies
  • Rant and raves
  • Discussion Points
  • Current Affairs

Photography Portfolio

One very important aspect of this blog is going to be my photography portfolio. Although I’ve resorted to use tumblr, I intend to plug in my photography portfolio on this site. I’ve settled down with a theme that I will be using for my portfolio. Until I put up a few sets of photos I will continue to use my Photoblog on¬†tumblr.

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated and welcomed. Please share your thoughts.