My return to the world of blogging

So, here I am, finally! A long pending wish. Returning to the world of blogging. And yes, it’s going to be my favorite and lovable blogging engine WordPress!

Tone and Style

Few considerations about my blog:

  • It’s a personal blog
  • I’m not a writer
  • The tone and writing style will be casual

Themes and Topics

What are the themes and topics I’m going to cover on my blog? I asked friends and have put down the following few sections that I can write about:

  • Travelogues
  • Photo Essays
  • Post Processing tips & tutorials
  • My day job: UI, UX, IA
  • My experiences and encounters with frameworks in use
  • Eateries and food
  • Music and Movies
  • Rant and raves
  • Discussion Points
  • Current Affairs

Photography Portfolio

One very important aspect of this blog is going to be my photography portfolio. Although I’ve resorted to use tumblr, I intend to plug in my photography portfolio on this site. I’ve settled down with a theme that I will be using for my portfolio. Until I put up a few sets of photos I will continue to use my Photoblog on tumblr.

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated and welcomed. Please share your thoughts.


Blogging to make money is not only about money. It is about helping others find what they are looking for through your posts and through your vision.


More articles please! :)


Looking forward to seeing more..... :)