It’s spring and no one is saying it better than Lays. They have successfully painted the town yellow and red. The choice of colors and illustration style is fresh and unique. Making them stand out in the crowd. The bright colors are perfectly in sync with spring. Goodbye winter and welcome to the sunny side of life!

As I previously tweeted about it:

What makes it even more interesting in that the messaging carries interesting reminders about little joys of life, for e.g: “Life’s short, make each day of your life count” Or “Smile per hour is better than KM per hour.” Most importantly what caught my eye was the hash tag #littlejoysoflife. This is like a breath of fresh air from whatever is cluttering the streets these days; I’m looking forward to seeing this campaign unroll. I’m sure they’ll do a good job in reminding people to stop and smile now and then. Fingers crossed, kudos to Lays Pakistan.