Following are a few shots taken on our Flickr Group meet-up/shoot-out in Bhitshah (shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai), Interior Sindh, Pakistan. Shot with Nikon D200 (It was borrowed from my friend. I didn’t own a DSLR camera that time).

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (1689–1752) (Sindhi: شاھ عبدالطيف ڀٽائيِ) was a Sufi scholar and saint, and is considered one of the greatest of the Sindhi language. He settled in the town of Bhit Shah, Sindh, Pakistan. His most famous written work is the Shah Jo Risalo. His shrine is located in Bhit and attracts hundreds of pilgrims every day.

This is my song

He played melodic tunes on the flutes in harsh sunlight, for his faith in his master keeps him playing tirelessly in this age… As lost and involved in the music he was, attracted me instantly. I sit close for a few moments. Captured him. Slight post processing of toning down colors.

This is my song

Moment of Serenity

The musicians were playing music just outside the central dome where the grave of Shah Latif is situated. This old man had his head held down, immersed in the music. I noticed and decided to capture his posture as it is. Decided to post process it in monotone as I just wanted to present his posture.

moment of serenity

Secretive Gaze

Among many visitors, this lady was visiting the shrine. Couldn’t help but notice her eyes as you see it.

Secrative Gaze


As the name suggests, the intensity in her eyes is quite interesting. Post processed with washed out colors.



I asked him, “Baba (old man) can I take your photograph?” a slight nod. I clicked away and showed him some shots. Indifferent as he was, a sublime smile slipped out of his lips and faded. Then I clicked this one and a couple more. Post processed in monotone b/w. His eyes and wrinkles hold a lot of stories. 


Boy what a journey it was. I want to be able to capture more and better. There so much more out there to be captured, with plenty of passion and patience to go far and beyond.

More travelogues to come.

Originally written in October 2008.