So #HBL launches a new internet banking site. Their New Tag Line is AlwaysON. I dont know how to explain this but ill give it a shot.

After almost two years of using the painful interface HBL internet banking i finally got this good news that they have made things much easy for all of us. They even had a grand event @dolmenmall and sent SMS invitations to all of their account base. Spent millions on the launch.

This month after getting paid as usual i wanted to move all my salary to an account which actually works. So i tried to log into my HBL internet banking on but I soon found out that they have two URLs going on the new one is . Me being technology literate, the first thing i did was to check if the other URL was actually owned by HBL and also the SSL certificate. My first thought was that the other URL was a fishing site.

Finally after confirming this I tried to register as a new user, obviously they did not care to conduct a migration exercise of the user base. When i try to enter my NIC and DOB i keep getting a timeout error. After about 1 hour i was finally able to move towards the next step after about 10 to 15 attempts.

We all see web applications and interfaces being simplified but these guys wanted to stand out so they decided to complicate things. Each and every step was very difficult to go through for a person like me who works for a Technology Company. Also it is very clear that HBL has been very particular about security on the new site, they have made the site secure in the most inconvenient way possible, probably to win an inconvenience award.

Messages, prompts, and flow are all misleading. If a focus group was conducted before launching this thing i would not be writing this.

I just wish they simply copied something from international banks and launched that.

I challenge HBL employees to only use HBL’s new so called AlwaysOn internet banking for everything it is suppose to do and you will find out what pain people like me go through.

I have lost all my billing accounts and funds transfer accounts as i did not find anything in my previous internet banking account. I dont have the account numbers and bill details for the bills and funds i used to transfer regularly. So basically i now have to call everyone and get those numbers again to be able to transfer funds. I demand an explanation from HBL.

As a customer of the bank i have the right to be able to conduct transactions at any time of the day, but their systems, network, or ATMs are never reliable. When my colleagues travel i advise them not to rely on their HBL card because it is not going to work exactly when you need the money.

I would like to say Sorry to friends working at HBL but this is an honest opinion.

Note: Originally published as a facebook post by Asad Memon