I find this so apt among all the negativity these days for all of us to be reminded of: being positive and hopeful.

Diya Jalaye Rakhna Hae: Hope, Peace and Positivity

The above diptych image instantly reminds me of the song:

“Mauj barhay ya Aandhi Aaye, diya jalaye rakhna hai, ghar ki khatir sau dukh jhelain, ghar to Aakhir apna hai” [5:13s]

Diya Jalaye Rakhna Hae… diya, the light, the hope for peace and struggle. The struggle for improvement. The struggle for happiness. The fight worth fighting for. It goes for every one of us. For all of us, as individuals; for all of us as a collective unit. That ought to be progress.

Let’s have faith. Let’s not give up. Let’s keep hoping and not let it die.