Pakistan’s largest selling online e-commerce store Daraz is launching a smart phone. The details of the smart phone is yet to reveal.

All the buzz last week (specially over the weekend) on our twitter (and somewhat facebook) timelines with posts including #HotSecret. Everybody jumped on the trending bandwagon and contributed their share of wit and humor (and occasional guesses) about what the trend is all about.

This is probably the first ever, first of its kind, completely digital campaign for a launch of a gadget (smart phone) undertaken by in Pakistan.

This was a good attempt and I see more digital campaigns would follow suite for this pattern i.e. completely digital launch, a fresh change in all the conventional advertising and activation. However, the launch is yet to complete its execution so I’m looking forward to how it unfolds and whether it keeps the users interested until the end or not.


The teaser video shared on social media by on their facebook and twitter timelines suggested a beautiful/likeable, fast, trustworthy and pocket friendly product. One hint also suggested it’s equally appealing for both men and women:

They even had a contest running for guessing the #HotSecret for a chance to win the product:

Head over to’s facebook and twitter page for further details as they share.