December 24, 2012. 11:30am.

I logged in on twitter and couldn’t help but notice Halima Mansoor tweeting about collecting money for gifts. Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids. This was around 12 noon on 24th December. I tried tweeting & retweeting to let others know about it and to have them join in. Pretty soon friends started pledging money & support.

Whatever would be collected, we planned to use it to buy gifts, pack them and take them to Azam Basti where there was a huge Christian population. Halima had already researched the area and the church where the mass was supposed to happen and where a lot of families with kids were expected.

In about 2 hours, many had pledged money and support. We were able to collect around PKR 41,000.

Halima bought the gifts. She was the driving force. With the help of a bunch of friends, almost 250 gift packs were ready by Christmas night.

Next morning Halima, Mariam & Fahad Bhatti, Ali Rehman along with his wife & 2 lovely kids, his brother and myself were on our way to find the church in Azam Basti area.

The church management was extremely helpful and supportive. They helped us set up the area outside the church exit where we could arrange the gifts to be distributed among the kids.

Right after the mass finished, as the families were exiting, we started handing out the gifts to the kids.

“Which organization are you guys from?” asked a surprised parent. “We are not here from any organization. We’re here on our own. Just like that,” we explained. “We’re just Crazy for Good.”

The rest was a blur of happiness, giggles, thank you’s, smiles and pleasant surprising looks with gratitude and respect in the eyes of the kids.

Here are a few pictures from my camera uploaded on the Facebook album.