A creative Web/User Interface Developer by profession, photography is a charm and passion for me. An exhilarating experience going through what it takes, capturing moments and expressions, presenting perspectives that I see.

I’ve been the one in every family event to grab the camera and record the happenings. If I still go through my family albums, I’m usually the missing person, reason being, I’m usually behind the camera. Nothing got me as much interested as Flickr did. And here I am still struggling to improve myself from whatever the time I get out of my regular routine which usually involves around work.

Like many things Art and Beauty is subjective, as they say and so I believe. The art of expressions and beauty of emotions intrigues me. Scenic beauty mesmerizes me. Nature attracts me. I like to present our rich culture and beautiful heritage out to the world. To showcase the life as we live, but not the one that’s presented by the media and perceived by people. There’s a lot more to show and bring out that’s beautiful and interesting in this world. I’ve yet to narrow down myself but I’m not restricted towards a certain subject as yet. I love traveling and engaging with different cultures.

Being a Social Media enthusiast, I like to express, share and voice my observations. Being part of the global conversation; sharing knowledge and experience, learning and contributing at the same time.


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